2010 Žilina 21

Duration of the project:

from May 2010 till December 2010


Activation of young leaders from Žilina, cooperation on preparing the document on the development strategy of the town of Žilina in the 21st century, shaping public opinion in Žilina.


Armstrong, Nadácia 21. storočia, Krajinka, Board klub Žilina, PDCS

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In 2010 Orbis Institute became a member of the association Žilina 21 and a stakeholder in a project which deals with the development of the strategy of Žilina. The project includes public discussion, a qualitative probe into the public space of Žilina, as well as the largest public opinion survey to be conducted on this subject, which will lead to the creation of an open civil and technical document on the topic of the sustainable development of the town. The association wants to engage not only the general public but also the professional community, entrepreneurs and all celebrities who are not indifferent to the orientation and development of the town.

As a member of the association anda source of funding for a significant part of its activities, Orbis Institute participated in training courses in the field of leadership in internet social networks, mostly in high schools and colleges in Žilina. Our activities were mainly focused on searching for new leaders in the municipal sphere and mobilizing public discussion on the topic of the project.

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3rd EUPA_NEXT Meeting

10/26 2016

Orbis Institute hosted the 3rd EUPA_NEXT project meeting on 20th-21st October 2016.


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09/06 2016

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06/03 2016

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