2005-2008 Roma Development

Main partner:

The project was supported by the EU’s European Social Fund and the Slovak Ministry of Labor and was conducted under the auspices of the EQUAL initiative.

Duration of the project:

March 2005 – June 2008

Place of event:

wider region around the towns of Trebišov and Rožňava


Reinforcing the position of Roma citizens and socially disadvantaged citizens in the labor market through awareness and targeted education.


Socially disadvantaged citizens and Roma citizens from the towns of Trebišov and Rožňava and their surroundings.

Development partner of the project

Ľuľudi, o.z.

International partners:

OESSE – Officina Sociale (Rím,Taliansko)IMELSA (Valencia, Španielsko).

Detailed information:



The main activity of the project was the publishing of the bilingual Roma-Slovakian work newspaper Buťakero Nevipem, which was supported by the partner of the project, the Roma NGO Ľuľudi. The free weekly newspaper informed Roma citizens about available job positions, cultural life in Slovakia and labor-related legislation. Separate sections were dedicated to preparation for work, performing well at interviews, working habits and work discipline. 104 editions of the newspaper were published and distributed across all of Slovakia during the project. The educational part contained ECDL courses on computer skills, motivation lectures, which aimed to boost personal motivation for further development, improvement of communication and self-presentation of the project participants, as well as personal diagnosis, which granted feedback to the course participants about their strengths and suitable professional orientation in the form of a simplified CV with a description of preferred professions. 400 project participants were engaged in educational activities. Another part of the project was comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research. Output from this research helped improve both the quality of education and the publication of the newspaper. The research output can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Another activity was the photographic exhibition East či neísť at the Labor Office in Trebišov, which captured project participants during education. In the final part of the project, we opened a Roma information center in the Roma settlement in Krásnohorské Podhradie. We equipped the center with a computer with internet access and a printer, and we trained a center employee, who was responsible for making the center available to the public. Another part of the project was international cooperation, which allowed us to share our findings from the project with our partners, as well as to discuss different issues and be inspired by best practice in other countries. The best practice acquired through this cooperation was summarized in printed publications.

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