2009 Emerging Youth Leaders

Duration of the project:

September 2008 – December 2009

Place of event:

Bratislava, Denver USA


To discover young leaders in the Roma community in Eastern Europe and activate them through a monthly educational exchange leadership program.


18 students from the Roma ethnic group (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic – age 15 – 17), 18 students (minorities from the Denver area)


Critical Mass Leadership Education, Inc. (CMLE)


In cooperation with the company CMLE and US embassies in Bratislava, Prague and Budapest, Orbis Institute prepared a unique grant program aimed at professional, cultural and leadership development called Discovering of Young Leaders, funded by the US government. The program was focused on searching for 18 talented Roma ethnic students from high schools in the 15 – 17 age group and sending them, along with accompanying teachers from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, to Denver, Colorado for four weeks in 2009. The program was oriented at leadership and intercultural differences. After returning home, the participants prepared projects of mutual cooperation. A 4-week stay in Slovakia of their American peers (minority ethnic groups from Denver) was also part of the program.

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3rd EUPA_NEXT Meeting

10/26 2016

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