2006-2010 Maternity Leave

Duration of the project:


Place of event:

Slovakia, Czech Republic


Reinforcing bonds between mother and child through spending active free time together during a 7-day stay program aimed at the education of mothers on maternity leave and their children in the age of 5 months to 7 years.


150 mothers, 250 children in the age of 2 months to 8 years, 60 grandmothers, 100 fathers


We organized a long-term educational project for young mothers on maternity leave and their children in the age of 5 months to 6 years. We managed to get several grants, which enabled us to focus on women with weaker social backgrounds. Participants also included several employees of motherhood centers, who are also mothers.

Our objective was to fill in the gaps in the existing educational system in the field of partnership and parenting, as well as to show mothers how they can spend active free time with their children on maternity leave and how to actively participate in the community. Our program linked communities in southern Moravia and southwestern Slovakia. Both participants and team members came from the two regions, which resulted in a fruitful exchange.

The program was divided into three 3-day meetings (3 meetings in Slovakia and 3 in the Czech Republic) and a final joint week, where fathers participated alongside mothers. The program included workshops dedicated to education, children development and partner relationships in families. Through movement and creative activities we developed the children’s psychosocial, motional and musical skills. The program also included swimming lessons run by a professional swimming instructor, as well as relaxation and entertainment programs for adults.

The project received a very positive feedback from all the participants. To this day, we are in contact with most of them.

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