Validation of formal, non formal and informal learning: The case study of Administration Personnel

Project duration:

september 2015 – september 2018

Aim of the poject:

EUPA_NEXT focuses on the validation of non-formal (NFL) & informal learning(IL) & its permeability with formal education pathway through the use of a formal accreditation system (ISO). It aims to develop a methodology for certification of non formal & informal learning of non regulated professions & at the same time to develop a EU certificate for administration personnel.



The sector of administrators is used AS A CASE STUDY for following reasons:

HRDA research on the employment forecasting 2010-2020 demonstrates that Admin & Support services is the fourth sector with the greatest average yearly increase. This sector is easily accessible & very attractive to unemployed women. Administrators are employed by all companies & organizations in EU regardless of size & industry & its role is vital

This important sector is NON REGULATED. Administrators may be secondary school graduates or may have a college diploma in various fields. All admin personnel, even if they do not have (or do not have relevant) academic qualifications, need to be able to validate their knowledge, skills & competences in order to move from one job to another or from one country to another. Often it is the case that these people progress (career wise) as they develop more skills & competences from admin personnel, to executive secretary, personal assistant or even office manager. Again they should be able to validate knowledge, skills & competences in different levels.

EUPA_NEXT focuses on 2 priorities

  1. Developing short-cycle post-secondary qualifications in accordance with the EQF. EUPA_NEXT adds value at the sectoral level through the development of an EQF based qualification (4 levels) for the sector of admin. personnel. This qualification is ISO certified.
  2. Facilitating the validation of NFL & IL & its permeability with formal education pathway through the use of a formal accreditation system (ISO). Using this certification people without academic credentials or experience may be certified based on what they know &are able to do.


  1. To develop a EU qualification for admin personnel
  2. Facilitate the understanding of EQF & ECVET policies & explore different methodologies for the assignment of credits
  3. Develop a comparative report on the situation of the countries on EQF & ECVET
  4. Provide ISO certification for the materials & assessment developed under project EUPA (level 2 materials) & certify with ISO the materials & the assessment for levels 3,4,5. EUPA_NEXT is a COMPLETE SOLUTION for admin personnel (in 4 levels)
  5. Provide flexible pathways to learning & validation (classroom trainings, ebooks, assessment)
  6. Develop a “how to” practical guide for the validation of FL, NFL & IL for any non regulated profession
  7. Make a policy recommendation for official recognition of EUPA_NEXT.


Main partner: Erasmus Plus: KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training



Narodny ustav celozivotneho vzdelavania, (Slovakia), M.M.C Management Center (Cyprus),

Cyprus Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (Cyprus), Dimitra Education & Consulting S.A, (Greece), Cyprus certification Company (Cyprus), European Management Assistants (France), Centro Integrado Público de Formación Profesional Misericordia (Spain), Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. (Germany)              


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3rd EUPA_NEXT Meeting

10/26 2016

Orbis Institute hosted the 3rd EUPA_NEXT project meeting on 20th-21st October 2016.


1st EUPA_NEXT newsletter

09/06 2016

1st EUPA_NEXT newsletter is available for downoad at




EUPA_NEXT webpage and Twitter

06/03 2016

Web is now available in Slovak language, you can also follow us on Twitter!



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