2009-2012 EUPA

Duration of project:

October 2009 – July 2012


Development of a model for the assessment and recognition of qualification in the sector of personal assistants (PAs), based on the results of education according to EU directives related to the recognition of qualification.

Main partner:

Lifelong Learning, a subprogram of Leonardo da Vinci


MMC (Cyprus), Dimitra (Greece), Folkuniversitetet Kursverksamhet en vid Uppsala Uni (Sweden), Konrad Associates International (UK), European Management Assistants (France), Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Cyprus), EDITC Ltd (Cyprus)


Several reasons led to creation of this project and to the choice of the sector of personal assistants. Given that most personal assistants did not go through academic education aimed at their work position, there is a need to assess their skills and competence in other ways. Many unemployed inactive women who enter the labor market are looking for a job as personal assistants, often without any formal education. Assessment and recognition of their informal education should facilitate their access to the labor market. These days, personal assistants are an essential part of every company in the EU. Over the past decade, their importance has grown.

  • To develop a qualification framework for personal assistants based on the output of their education.
  • To identify outputs of education which can be acquired easier through informal education and to use this knowledge to propose education methodologies.
  • To develop European certification for secretaries and personal assistants, using assessment tools. The assessment tool will have two components, using a variety of methodological tools for various outputs of education. This will enable the use of the tool - with some modifications - in different sectors.
  • To develop syllabi and training materials which will allow the certification of personal assistants and suggest a credit system for each module.

Project website: www.llpeupa.eu

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3rd EUPA_NEXT Meeting

10/26 2016

Orbis Institute hosted the 3rd EUPA_NEXT project meeting on 20th-21st October 2016.


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09/06 2016

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06/03 2016

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