We participated

Orbis Institute oxcept its own activities collaborated on several other projects. Read more on the website organizations itself:


  • Centrum of environmental and ethical education ŽIVICA =  Bikelab activities at the event - musical installation with bikes on  22.5.2014 in Bratislave
  • BikeLab at event "Day of Deaf people", that took place on Magio beach in Bratislava on 21.6.2014
  • NGO MULICA = realization of bikecinema = 18.9-19.9.2014 and 23.9.2014 in Žiline
  • NGO Street youth = BikeLab  (realization of bikecinema) at their event on 19.9.2014 in Bratislave.
  • Hory a Mesto, NGO = realization of the interactive activities within the trail during the Festival Mountains and City 2014 held in Friday, 04.04.2014 at Aupark, Bratislava.
  • Outdoor Institute STAGEMAN  = presentation of the project Bikelab at "International Youth Exchange UP1", which was held on 30.4.2014 in Banska Bystrica.


  • TerraVoice, o.z. = Bikelab at VypniTo in Mlynska dolina on 29.10.2013
  • Mládež ulice, o.z. = realization of bikecinema  Bike Lab on 5.10.2013
  • Hory a mesto = realization of the interactive activities within the trail during the Festival Mountains and City 2013 held in Friday 12.4.2013
  • IMPROVE S&E = preparation and implementation workshop Bike Lab dated 04.10.2013 including the preparation of materials and equipment
  • Slovak Centre for Communication and Development, NGO = Preparation and implementation workshop Bike Lab dated 28.3.2013 including the preparation of materials and equipment and facilitation

2012 and laters

  • Association Slatinka = organization and implementation of screening of 17.4.2012 in Zvolen in the project map lines
  • V4 Forum Innovative Learning (2nd year of the International Conference on Experiential Learning) in Banska Bystrica, more information
  • Leaf – consultations to leadership program 2014, http://www.leaf.sk/
  • Manageria – Intensive courses for students Manageria Leadership Program (MLP) 2010-2013, http://nexteria.sk/
  • Moonlight Camp - adventure summer camp for children of age 5-15. www.moonglightcamp.sk
  • Projects Foundation Provida - Buddies, The Nutcracker, Christmas Markets in EUROVEA and others. www.nadaciaprovida.sk
  • Teaching experiential learning at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Adult Education and Applied Psychology Bratislava FSEV UK
  • Realization of  corporate event UNION - active philanthropy program organized by non-profit organizations
  • Good Coffeeshop at  Festival Pohoda 2010. We helped organize fundraisng coffeshop for Pontis Foundation and Provida.


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3rd EUPA_NEXT Meeting

10/26 2016

Orbis Institute hosted the 3rd EUPA_NEXT project meeting on 20th-21st October 2016.


1st EUPA_NEXT newsletter

09/06 2016

1st EUPA_NEXT newsletter is available for downoad at http://www.eupanext.eu/newsletters/




EUPA_NEXT webpage and Twitter

06/03 2016

Web is now available in Slovak language, you can also follow us on Twitter!



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